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Every feature your firm needs is at a one click distance. There is no need to have multiple software to organize your work and your firm's activity.


Our platform can be easily and securely accessed from everywhere. This allows user to have access to their work so they can be more effient.


Our platform features very strong encryption to provide the best possible privacy and to mitigate all kinds of leaks of sensitive information.


Our messaging system allows users to exchange information in an organized and secure way.

Your attorneys, staff and clients can send messages and files to each other through our platform.

All the messages you send are encrypted with a key that is only available to the users in that message group.

File storage

All case files that your teams are working on can be stored in the cloud and be privately accessed from anywhere in the world.

Your files are automatically shared with your collegues and clients that are working on the same matter as you do.

All the files you send are encrypted with a key that is only available to the users in that matter.


Your attorneys can organize their agenda with the platform. There is no need to separate personal and work agenda. Our calendar can have both. It is the user decision what is work or personal.

The calendar events are organized by matters and can be exported to external programs.

A user can invite each other to a calendar event and the other users to vote for the preferred date.

Address Book

Store all important contacts you have on our platform. Share with others relevant contact information.

The contacts can be made public and shared with all the other firm members.


Pull Cases features a billing system where invoices can be very quickly created from your registered time entries and expenses.

Create invoices quickly and easily from your time entries and registered expenses.

Voice Calls

The users can use our platform to perform encrypted voice calls with each other. The calls can be performed in a normal computer / smartphone with an Internet connection at no extra charge.

The encryption makes sure that the voice calls you sent cannot be intercepted or listened to by anyone else.

Archive Search

Avoid long periods searching for one specific document that you have only an idea about. We offer a complete search engine for your archive that is securely integrated with our platform.

Search all your files by their content.

Our optical character recognition system (OCR) allows you to perform searches on images and scanned documents.

It runs on your infrastructure and the communications are fully encrypted.

Additional Features

We are very flexible and are open to develop new features to be added to the platform in order to satisfy some requirements that your firm might have. Simple features and changes will be made at no extra cost.


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